Tank.io APK Free Arcade Games for Android

Tank.io APK for Android

Tank.io APK for Android amazing Arcade game for android smart phones and tablets at game play market millions of gamer around the world play it and get more fun from this amazing APK on their android devices this real time lungful game you can play it with your friends and relatives The game has some levels that will be great challenge for you.Tankio is a tank battle arena.Defeat enemy tanks. Upgrade your tank. 52 different kinds of tanks so far, more to come.Develop your skills in this tank strategy game.Earn your wings of valor now.hence if you wants to play this great game on your android devices than just fallow given download links to download this great game free for your android!!!

Features of Tank.io APK for Android

  •  New Look
  • New Exp Circle
  •  Achievement / Leaderboard using Google Play Games
  • 100 Max Level
  •  10, 25, 40, 55, 70 Tank Upgrade
  •  52 Total Tanks
  •  3 New Stats (Penetration) (Defense) (Ram Damage)
  •  Protection Before Level 10 (Enemies move slower and attack slower)
  • Sniper
  • Share / Screenshot Button

Download APK
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 (google play )

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